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[kraws-beem, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌbim, ˈkrɒs-/

a transverse in a structure, as a joist.
a beam that spans from one support to another


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  • Cross-bearer

    [kraws-bair-er, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌbɛər ər, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a person who carries or holds a , especially in a religious procession.

  • Cross-bedded

    [kraws-bed-id, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˈbɛd ɪd, ˈkrɒs-/ adjective, Geology. 1. having irregular laminations, as strata of sandstone, inclining in various directions not coincident with the general stratification.

  • Cross-bench

    noun 1. (usually pl) (Brit) a seat in Parliament occupied by a neutral or independent member

  • Crossbirth

    [kraws-burth, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌbɜrθ, ˈkrɒs-/ noun, Obstetrics. 1. .

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