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[kroch] /krɒtʃ/

a forking or place of forking, as of the human body between the legs.
the part of a pair of trousers, panties, or the like, formed by the joining of the two legs.
a piece of material serving to form a juncture between the legs of trousers, panties, etc.
a forked piece, part, support, etc., as a staff with a forked top.

Nautical. (def 6).
the area of a tree at which a main branch joins the trunk.
the wood from such an area; crotchwood.
Also called (Brit) crutch

a forked region formed by the junction of two members
a forked pole or stick

1530s, original meaning “pitchfork,” from Old North French croche “shepherd’s crook,” variant of croc “hook” (see crochet); meaning “region where the body forks” is 1590s.

crotch (krŏch)
The angle or region of the angle formed by the junction of two parts or members, such as two branches, limbs, or legs.


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