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[kroh-tn-iz-uh m] /ˈkroʊ tnˌɪz əm/

poisoning by ingestion of croton oil, characterized by burning of the mouth, severe diarrhea, and colic, with possible death from respiratory or circulatory failure.


Read Also:

  • Croton-oil

    noun 1. a brownish-yellow oil, expressed from the seeds of the croton, Croton tiglium, that is a drastic purgative and counterirritant. noun 1. a yellowish-brown oil obtained from the plant Croton tiglium, formerly used as a drastic purgative See also croton (sense 1)

  • Crotoxin

    [kroh-tok-sin] /kroʊˈtɒk sɪn/ noun 1. a toxin in the venom of the North American rattlesnake, Crotalus terrificus.

  • Crottin

    [krot-n] /ˈkrɒt n/ noun 1. a type of French goat cheese. 2. a small, round disk of this cheese.

  • Crottle

    /ˈkrɒtəl/ noun 1. a variant spelling of crotal

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