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[kroo-zer] /ˈkru zər/

a person or thing that .
one of a class of warships of medium tonnage, designed for high speed and long .
a vessel, especially a power-driven one, intended for .
Also called timber cruiser. a person who estimates the value of the timber in a tract of forest.
Slang. a prostitute who walks the street soliciting customers.
a high-speed, long-range warship of medium displacement, armed with medium calibre weapons or missiles
Also called cabin cruiser. a pleasure boat, esp one that is power-driven and has a cabin
any person or thing that cruises
(boxing) cruiserweight See light heavyweight

1670s, agent noun from cruise (v.), or, probably, borrowed from similar words in neighboring languages (e.g. Dutch kruiser, French croiseur), originally a warship built to cruise and protect commerce or chase hostile ships (but in 18c. often applied to privateers); meaning “one who cruises for sex partners” is from 1903, in later use mostly of homosexuals; as a boxing weight class, from 1920; meaning “police patrol car” is 1929, American English.


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