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Crumb up

verb phrase


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  • Crumby

    [kruhm-ee] /ˈkrʌm i/ adjective, crumbier, crumbiest. 1. full of . 2. . [kruhm-ee] /ˈkrʌm i/ adjective, crumbier, crumbiest. 1. 1 (def 1). /ˈkrʌmɪ/ adjective crumbier, crumbiest 1. full of or littered with crumbs 2. soft, like the inside of bread 3. a variant spelling of crummy1 adj. 1731, “full of crumbs,” from crumb + -y […]

  • Crumhorn

    [kruhm-hawrn] /ˈkrʌmˌhɔrn/ noun 1. a Renaissance musical reed instrument having a cylindrical tube curved at the end. /ˈkrʌmˌhɔːn/ noun 1. a medieval woodwind instrument of bass pitch, consisting of an almost cylindrical tube curving upwards and blown through a double reed covered by a pierced cap

  • Crummie

    [kruhm-ee, kroo m-ee] /ˈkrʌm i, ˈkrʊm i/ noun, Chiefly Scot. 1. a cow with crooked horns.

  • Crummier

    [kruhm-ee] /ˈkrʌm i/ adjective, crummier, crummiest. 1. Also, crumby. Slang. noun, plural crummies. 2. Railroads Slang. a caboose. /ˈkrʌmɪ/ adjective (slang) -mier, -miest 1. of little value; inferior; contemptible 2. unwell or depressed: to feel crummy /ˈkrʌmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. (Canadian) a lorry that carries loggers to work from their camp adj. 1560s, “easily […]

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