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[kruhsh-proof] /ˈkrʌʃˌpruf/

resistant to being :
a crushproof box.


Read Also:

  • Crush-resistant

    adjective 1. not being easily creased

  • Crush syndrome

    crush syndrome n. A severe shocklike condition that follows release of a limb or other large body part after a prolonged period of compression, characterized by edema, hematuria, and renal failure. Also called compression syndrome.

  • Crusie

    /ˈkruːzɪ/ noun 1. a variant spelling of cruizie

  • Crusoe

    [kroo-soh] /ˈkru soʊ/ noun 1. Robinson, . /ˈkruːsəʊ; -zəʊ/ noun 1. Robinson Crusoe, See Robinson Crusoe

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