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[kruhs-tl] /ˈkrʌs tl/

of or relating to a crust, as of the earth.
of or relating to the earth’s crust


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  • Crustation

    n. mid-17c., noun of action from crust (v.).

  • Crusted

    [kruhs-tid] /ˈkrʌs tɪd/ adjective 1. having a ; encrusted. 2. (of a wine) containing a hardened deposit accumulated during aging in the bottle: crusted port. 3. having the accruals of age; antique. [kruhst] /krʌst/ noun 1. the brown, hard outer portion or surface of a loaf or slice of bread (distinguished from ). 2. a […]

  • Crustiest

    [kruhs-tee] /ˈkrʌs ti/ adjective, crustier, crustiest. 1. having a crisp or thick : a loaf of crusty French bread. 2. of the nature of or resembling a . 3. harsh; surly; rude: a crusty remark. /ˈkrʌstɪ/ adjective crustier, crustiest 1. having or characterized by a crust, esp having a thick crust 2. having a rude […]

  • Crustose

    [kruhs-tohs] /ˈkrʌs toʊs/ adjective, Botany, Mycology. 1. forming a crusty, tenaciously fixed mass that covers the surface on which it grows, as certain lichens. /ˈkrʌstəʊs/ adjective 1. (biology) having a crustlike appearance: crustose lichens

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