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Crystal form

(crystallog) a symmetrical set of planes in space, associated with a crystal, having the same symmetry as the crystal class Compare crystal habit


Read Also:

  • Crystal-gazing

    noun 1. the practice of staring into a crystal ball, as by a fortuneteller, to see distant happenings, future events, etc. 2. speculation about the future. noun 1. the act of staring into a crystal globe (crystal ball) supposedly in order to arouse visual perceptions of the future, etc 2. the act of trying to […]

  • Crystal habit

    noun 1. (crystallog) the external shape of a crystal Compare crystal form

  • Crystalhead

    noun [second sense because such persons prize crystals for various putative powers]

  • Crystal healing

    noun 1. (in alternative therapy) the use of the supposed power of crystals to affect the human energy field noun the use of crystals in alternative medicine to attempt healing; also called crystal therapy See crystal therapy

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