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crystalluria crys·tal·lu·ri·a (krĭs’tə-lur’ē-ə, -lyur’-)
The excretion of crystals in the urine.


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  • Crystal microphone

    noun 1. a microphone that uses a piezoelectric crystal to convert sound energy into electrical energy

  • Crystal nucleus

    noun 1. (chem) the tiny crystal that forms at the onset of crystallization

  • Crystal-oscillator

    noun, Electronics. 1. See under (def 10). [kris-tl] /ˈkrɪs tl/ noun 1. a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice. 2. the transparent form of crystallized quartz. 3. Chemistry, Mineralogy. a solid body having a characteristic internal structure and enclosed by symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite and characteristic angles. 4. anything made of […]

  • Crystal-palace

    noun 1. a structure of prefabricated iron units, glass, and wood, built in London to house the Exhibition of 1851: destroyed by fire 1936. noun 1. a building of glass and iron designed by Joseph Paxton to house the Great Exhibition of 1851. Erected in Hyde Park, London, it was moved to Sydenham (1852–53): destroyed […]

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