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verb (used with object), declared, declaring.
to make known or state clearly, especially in explicit or formal terms:
to declare one’s position in a controversy.
to announce officially; proclaim:
to declare a state of emergency; to declare a winner.
to state emphatically:
He declared that the allegation was a lie.
to manifest; reveal; show:
Her attendance at the rally declared her political allegiance.
to make due statement of, especially goods for duty or income for taxation.
to make (a dividend) payable.
Bridge. to bid (a trump suit or no-trump).
verb (used without object), declared, declaring.
to make a declaration.
to proclaim oneself (usually followed by for or against):
He declared against the proposal.
Cricket. (of a team) to surrender a turn at bat in an innings before ten players are put out.
verb (mainly transitive)
(may take a clause as object) to make clearly known or announce officially: to declare one’s interests, war was declared
to state officially that (a person, fact, etc) is as specified: he declared him fit
(may take a clause as object) to state emphatically; assert
to show, reveal, or manifest: the heavens declare the glory of God
(intransitive; often foll by for or against) to make known one’s choice or opinion
to make a complete statement of (dutiable goods, etc)
(also intransitive) (cards)

to display (a card or series of ards) on the table so as to add to one’s score
to decide (the trump suit) by making the final bid

(intransitive) (cricket) to close an innings voluntarily before all ten wickets have fallen
to authorize the payment of (a dividend) from corporate net profit


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