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Annie, born 1945, U.S. writer.
Historical Examples

Dillard looked around to see that no doors were open, then leaned forward and spoke in a loud whisper.
The Man from Jericho Edwin Carlile Litsey

“I know it,” Mrs. Dillard cried like one nearly frantic with apprehension.
Sarah Dillard’s Ride James Otis

Dillard’s revelation had proven a source of much concern, and he had not been able to get away from it.
The Man from Jericho Edwin Carlile Litsey

Don’t let go, and we may possibly so far tire him out that Mrs. Dillard can mount.
Sarah Dillard’s Ride James Otis

Nathan and Evan were enjoying to the utmost this conversation with Captain Dillard.
Sarah Dillard’s Ride James Otis

When did you last see the mistress of the house, Mrs. Dillard?
Sarah Dillard’s Ride James Otis

Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Dillard made perilous rides to warn the patriots of impending attacks of the enemy.
Revolutionary Reader Sophie Lee Foster

Glenning, briskly wielding a clothes brush, glanced at Dillard.
The Man from Jericho Edwin Carlile Litsey

Dillard’s round, baby-blue eyes dwelt upon her in a protectingly hungry way.
The Man from Jericho Edwin Carlile Litsey

A grayish pallor had settled on Dillard’s face as John talked.
The Man from Jericho Edwin Carlile Litsey


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