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the act of or the state of being .
something .
Historical Examples

Tables were prepared by means of which simple calculations for the dilution of any given latex could be made.
The Preparation of Plantation Rubber Sidney Morgan

For the second dilution it would take 10,000 drops, or about a pint.
Medical Essays Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

It is difficult with makeshift devices to gauge this dilution accurately for every motor speed.
Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag

Instead of being the 30th dilution, it is about the 30th concentration.
The Red Acorn John McElroy

Why have you accepted his dilution of nonsense on Verlaine and Huysmans?
Very Woman Remy de Gourmont

This staining can only be limited by dilution, but not by the addition of opposed dyes.
Histology of the Blood Paul Ehrlich

As to dilution, it is now accepted by the men, who said when it was proposed to them: “Why didn’t you come to us six months ago?”
The War on All Fronts: England’s Effort Mrs. Humphry Ward

dilution, or addition of water, at once discharges the colour.
Researches on Cellulose C. F. Cross

Goodale begins with five drops of that dilution that just fails to cause a skin reaction.
The Treatment of Hay Fever George Frederick Laidlaw

The dilution may be too great or too small to meet the needs of the infant.
Dietetics for Nurses Fairfax T. Proudfit

the act of diluting or state of being diluted
a diluted solution

1640s, noun of action from past participle stem of Latin diluere (see dilute).

dilution di·lu·tion (dī-lōō’shən, dĭ-)

The act of reducing the concentration of a mixture or solution.

A diluted solution.

The process of making a substance less concentrated by adding a solvent, such as water.


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