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relating to or of the nature of a or dogmas or any strong set of principles concerning faith, morals, etc., as those laid down by a church; doctrinal:
We hear dogmatic arguments from both sides of the political spectrum.
asserting opinions in a doctrinaire or arrogant manner; opinionated:
I refuse to argue with someone so dogmatic that he won’t listen to reason.
Contemporary Examples

He can’t pretend that he’s a dogmatic right-winger; who would believe him?
A Thinner Chris Christie Still Faces Big Political Challenges Robert Shrum May 9, 2013

October Baby, on the other hand, is a dogmatic film with an extreme pro-life agenda.
Christian Movie War: Pro-Life ‘October Baby’ vs. Postmodern ‘Blue Like Jazz’ Marlow Stern April 11, 2012

Sir Nicholas Henderson, who was in the job when Reagan was elected, described him as a dogmatic and simplistic man.
British Officials Portrayed Reagan as a “Bozo” Nico Hines, Ben Jacobs April 29, 2014

A dogmatic person will entrench himself in his dearly held beliefs and vigorously fight that truth.
Republicans: Check Your Premises November 8, 2012

Boyle introduces us to his two dogmatic antagonists at a raucous public meeting in Santa Barbara.
Must-Read Novels Michael Korda, Jane Ciabattari February 27, 2011

Historical Examples

One has only to survey the field of dogmatic religion to see how curiously astray it may be led.
The Complex Vision John Cowper Powys

It is his very ignorance of a matter that makes him dogmatic.
Graham’s Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 2 August 1848 Various

And this applies not to moral questions only, but to dogmatic also.
Apologia Pro Vita Sua John Henry Cardinal Newman

However, I give you leave to be as dogmatic and didactic as you like in return.
The Stark Munro Letters J. Stark Munro

To jump from a dead, impersonal world to a dogmatic Bible is too much for most people.
The Pursuit of God A. W. Tozer


(of a statement, opinion, etc) forcibly asserted as if authoritative and unchallengeable
(of a person) prone to making such statements

of, relating to, or constituting dogma: dogmatic writings
based on assumption rather than empirical observation

1670s, from Late Latin dogmaticus, from Greek dogmatikos “pertaining to doctrines,” from dogma (see dogma). Related: Dogmatical (c.1600).


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