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a person who asserts his or her opinions in an unduly positive or arrogant manner; a dogmatic person.
a person who lays down dogmas.
Historical Examples

In the former case, the dogmatist must take care that his arguments possess the apodeictic certainty of a demonstration.
The Critique of Pure Reason Immanuel Kant

The dogmatist has called the great Emancipator a compromiser.
Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence Various

The theories of dogmatist and traditionalist are not the authentic documents of the Christian religion.
Painted Windows Harold Begbie

The dogmatist gave a voice to the thoughts which the sight of the picture had awakened.
Zanoni Edward Bulwer Lytton

In the eyes of the dogmatist they are strangers out of a strange land of thought.
Creed And Deed Felix Adler

You were in danger of becoming a dogmatist, but you are too much of a man for that.
A Pessimist Robert Timsol

He is often a dogmatist, but this fault is not peculiar to him, he shares it with the rest of mankind.
Preaching and Paganism Albert Parker Fitch

Without being a dogmatist, De Gourmont was an antagonist of absolutism.
Unicorns James Huneker

You have a perfect right to do so; but in that case you are the dogmatist.
Orthodoxy G. K. Chesterton

The dogmatist is far from having influence with the wise and intelligent.
Talkers John Bate

a dogmatic person
a person who formulates dogmas


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