early-4th-century bishop of Casae Nigrae in northern Africa: leader of a heretical Christian group.
Compare .
Aelius, 4th century a.d, Roman grammarian.
Historical Examples

And this outlaw, Donatus, led the men who attacked you here?
Dick Merriwell Abroad Burt L. Standish

When he is willing that we should depart, my friend, Donatus, will speak.
Dick Merriwell Abroad Burt L. Standish

Donatus came to be regarded as a synonymous term for grammar.
Old English Libraries Ernest Savage

I promised you then that if the opportunity ever came Donatus would repay the debt.
Dick Merriwell Abroad Burt L. Standish

The earliest Haarlem account-book which contained Donatus fragments was for the year 1474.
Fine Books Alfred W. Pollard

Donatus had wheeled toward the sounds, which ceased as suddenly as they began.
Dick Merriwell Abroad Burt L. Standish

It was in wrenching the pistol from you that Flavia caused the accidental shooting of Donatus.
Dick Merriwell Abroad Burt L. Standish

It was the voice of Donatus that checked them and kept them from doing her fatal harm.
Dick Merriwell Abroad Burt L. Standish

That it is not rightly received in the schism of Donatus, we assert and they deny.
Writings in Connection with the Donatist Controversy Aurelius Augustine

Father Donatus, standing still, curled his lips in a hard smile.
Tales of Our Coast S. R. Crockett

Auelius (ˈiːlɪəs). 4th century ad, Latin grammarian, who taught Saint Jerome; his textbook Ars Grammatica was used throughout the Middle Ages
4th century ad, bishop of Carthage; leader of the Donatists, a heretical Christian sect originating in N Africa in 311 a.d

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