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[druhm-lee; Scot. droo m-lee] /ˈdrʌm li; Scot. ˈdrʊm li/

adjective, drumlier, drumliest. Scot.
troubled; gloomy.


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  • Drum-machine

    noun 1. a device that simulates percussion sounds in various combinations and rhythms, and can alter digitally stored drum sounds or make digital recordings of drum sounds. noun 1. a synthesizer specially programmed to reproduce the sound of drums and other percussion instruments in variable rhythms and combinations selected by the musician; the resulting beat […]

  • Drum-magazine

    noun 1. a receptacle that holds and feeds cartridges to a submachine gun or light machine gun.

  • Drum-major

    noun 1. the marching leader of a drum corps or a band. noun 1. the noncommissioned officer, usually of warrant officer’s rank, who is appointed to command the corps of drums of a military band and who is in command of both the drums and the band when paraded together

  • Drum-majorette

    noun 1. a girl or woman who leads a marching band or drum corps. 2. a girl or woman who twirls a baton with a marching band or drum corps. noun 1. a girl who marches at the head of a procession, twirling a baton

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