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[druhng-kuh n] /ˈdrʌŋ kən/

intoxicated; .
given to drunkenness.
pertaining to, caused by, or marked by intoxication:
a drunken quarrel.
intoxicated with or as if with alcohol
frequently or habitually drunk
(prenominal) caused by or relating to alcoholic intoxication: a drunken brawl

Old English druncennysse; see drunken + -ness.

full form of the past participle of drunk. Meaning “inebriated” was in Old English druncena; adjectival meaning “habitually intoxicated” is from 1540s. Related: Drunkenly.

drunkenness drunk·en·ness (drŭng’kə-nĭs)
The condition of being delirious with or as if with alcohol; intoxicated.


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