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[drahy-fahrm] /ˈdraɪˌfɑrm/

verb (used without object)
to engage in .
verb (used with object)
to grow (a specified crop) by means of dryland farming.
a system of growing crops in arid or semiarid regions without artificial irrigation, by reducing evaporation and by special methods of tillage


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  • Dry-fly

    noun, Angling. 1. an artificial fly designed for use on the surface of the water. noun 1. (angling) Compare wet fly

  • Dry-fog

    noun, Meteorology. 1. a fog that does not moisten exposed surfaces.

  • Dry-freeze

    noun, Meteorology. 1. the occurrence of freezing temperatures without the formation of hoarfrost.

  • Dry-footing

    [drahy-foo t-ing] /ˈdraɪˌfʊt ɪŋ/ noun, Ceramics. 1. removal of glaze from the rim at the bottom of a piece.

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