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Dry joint

dry joint n.
A joint with atrophic desiccating changes.


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  • Dry-kiln

    noun 1. an oven for the controlled drying and seasoning of cut lumber. noun 1. an oven in which cut timber is dried and seasoned

  • Dry labor

    dry labor n. Labor after spontaneous loss of practically all of the amniotic fluid.

  • Dry-lake

    noun 1. a tract of land in a desert region over which a shallow lake is formed during the rainy season or after prolonged heavy rains.

  • Dryland

    [drahy-land] /ˈdraɪˌlænd/ noun 1. Often, drylands. a tract of land having dry, often sandy soil, as on the floor of a valley: Acres of the drylands have been reclaimed by irrigation.

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