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[drahy-sawlt] /ˈdraɪˌsɔlt/

verb (used with object)
to cure or preserve (meat, hides, etc.) by drying and salting.
to preserve (food) by salting and removing moisture


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  • Drysdale

    /ˈdraɪzdeɪl/ noun 1. Sir George Russell. 1912–81, Australian painter, esp of landscapes /ˈdraɪzdeɪl/ noun 1. a New Zealand breed of sheep with hair growing among its wool: bred for its coat which is used in making carpets

  • Dry-shod

    [drahy-shod] /ˈdraɪˌʃɒd/ adjective 1. having or keeping the shoes dry.

  • Dry-sink

    noun 1. a wooden kitchen sink, especially of the 19th century, not connected to an external water supply, with a shallow zinc- or tin-lined well on top in which a dishpan can be placed, and usually a cupboard below.

  • Dry slope

    noun 1. an artificial ski slope used for tuition and practice Also called dry-ski slope noun an artificial ski slope, often used for practice and training Examples Dry slopes are mainly in the UK as continental European countries tend to have plenty of snow fields, as does North America. Word Origin 1963

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