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[drahy-out] /ˈdraɪˌaʊt/

the process or an instance of drying out:
applying compost to the garden soil to retard dryout.
Informal. a facility for detoxifying alcoholic patients.


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  • Dry-plate

    noun 1. a glass photographic plate coated with a sensitive emulsion of silver bromide and silver iodide in gelatin. 2. Metallurgy. tin plate having patches of dull finish.

  • Dry pleurisy

    dry pleurisy n. Pleurisy characterized by a fibrinous exudation, resulting in adhesion between the opposing surfaces of the pleura. Also called adhesive pleurisy, fibrinous pleurisy, plastic pleurisy.

  • Dry-puddling

    noun, Metallurgy. 1. puddling in a furnace with a bottom of sand.

  • Drypoint

    [drahy-point] /ˈdraɪˌpɔɪnt/ noun 1. a technique of engraving, especially on copper, in which a sharp-pointed needle is used for producing furrows having a burr that is often retained in order to produce a print characterized by soft, velvety black lines. 2. a print made by this technique.

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