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double sided/high density


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  • Dsi

    Delivered Source Instruction

  • DSL

    1. digital subscriber line: a technology that allows high-speed transmission of text, audio, and video, usually over standard telephone lines; a form of broadband transmission. 1. Digital Subscriber Line. 2. Digital Simulation Language. 3. Denotational Semantics Language. (1996-10-13) 1. digital subscriber line 2. document style language

  • Dslam

    Digital Subscriber Line Access Module

  • Ds level

    communications (Digital Signal or Data Service level) Originally an AT&T classification of transmitting one or more voice conversations in one digital data stream. The best known DS levels are DS0 (a single conversation), DS1 (24 conversations multiplexed), DS1C, DS2, and DS3. By extension, the DS level can refer to the raw data rate necessary for […]

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