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[duh zhoo r, doo; French dy zhoor] /də ˈʒʊər, du; French dü ˈʒur/

as prepared on the particular day; of the kind being served today:
The soup du jour is split pea.
fashionable; current:
environmentalism and other issues du jour.
/duː ˈʒɔː; French dy ʒur/
(postpositive) (informal) currently very fashionable or popular: the young writer du jour

from French plat du jour “dish of the day,” early 20c. on restaurant menus, abstracted as an all-purpose modifier 1989.

adjective phrase

Of today; of the day; current: Thought du jour/ Kennedy would quiz aides about the crisis du jour/ Where would the management gurus du jour find grist for their latest best-sellers?

[1990s+; fr French, ”of the day,” used to identify the day’s specialties in restaurants]


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