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Dual sensory impairment

the condition of being affected by sight and hearing loss


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  • Dual-space

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the set of all linear functionals whose domain is a given vector space.

  • Dual-stack

    networking A term used to describe a network node running both IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stacks (or possibly others) at the same time. Such a machine can act as a protocol converter between the two networks. (2000-12-19)

  • Dual tone multi frequency

    communications (DTMF, or “touch-tone”) A method used by the telephone system to communicate the keys pressed when dialling. Pressing a key on the phone’s keypad generates two simultaneous tones, one for the row and one for the column. These are decoded by the exchange to determine which key was pressed. (1995-03-28)

  • Duane

    [dweyn, doo-eyn] /dweɪn, duˈeɪn/ noun 1. a male given name.

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