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[first sense, origin unknown; second sense probably fr database, influenced by first sense]

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  • Du Bellay

    [doo buh-ley, dyoo; French dy be-ley] /du bəˈleɪ, dyu; French dü bɛˈleɪ/ noun 1. Joachim [French zhaw-a-keem] /French ʒɔ aˈkim/ (Show IPA), . /French dy bɛlɛ/ noun 1. See Bellay

  • Dubhe

    Dubhe (dŭb’ē) A pointer star in the constellation Ursa Major and the brightest of the seven stars that form the Big Dipper, with apparent magnitude 1.8. Dubhe and Merak form the outer side of the Dipper’s bowl, with Dubhe being the upper of the two stars. A straight line extending northward from these pointer stars […]

  • Dubich

    noun Marijuana; pot, weed: The drug dealer sold a bag of dubich to a tourist (1980s+ Teenagers)

  • Dubiety

    [doo-bahy-i-tee, dyoo-] /duˈbaɪ ɪ ti, dyu-/ noun, plural dubieties. 1. doubtfulness; doubt. 2. a matter of doubt. /djuːˈbaɪɪtɪ/ noun (pl) -ties 1. the state of being doubtful 2. a doubtful matter n. c.1750, from Late Latin dubietas “doubt, uncertainty,” from dubius (see dubious).

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