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[doo-bi-tuh-buh l, dyoo-] /ˈdu bɪ tə bəl, ˈdyu-/

open to doubt; doubtful; uncertain.
open to doubt


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  • Dubitation

    [doo-bi-tey-shuh n, dyoo-] /ˌdu bɪˈteɪ ʃən, ˌdyu-/ noun, Archaic. 1. . /ˌdjuːbɪˈteɪʃən/ noun 1. another word for doubt n. mid-15c., from Middle French dubitation (13c.), from Latin dubitationem (nominative dubitatio) “uncertainty, doubt,” noun of state from past participle stem of dubitare “to waver in opinion, be uncertain, doubt, question” (related to dubius “uncertain;” see dubious).

  • Dubitative

    [doo-bi-tey-tiv, dyoo-] /ˈdu bɪˌteɪ tɪv, ˈdyu-/ adjective 1. doubting; doubtful. 2. expressing doubt.

  • Dublin

    [duhb-lin] /ˈdʌb lɪn/ noun 1. Gaelic Baile Àtha Cliath. a seaport in and the capital of the Republic of Ireland, in the E part, on the Irish Sea. 2. a county in E Republic of Ireland. 356 sq. mi. (922 sq. km). County seat: Dublin. 3. a city in central Georgia. [ahyuh r-luh nd] /ˈaɪər […]

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    noun 1. a large prawn usually used in a dish of scampi

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