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Duchesse potatoes


See duchess potatoes


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  • Duchesses

    [duhch-is] /ˈdʌtʃ ɪs/ noun 1. the wife or widow of a . 2. a woman who holds in her own right the sovereignty or titles of a duchy. [French dy-shes] /French düˈʃɛs/ noun, plural duchesses [French dy-shes] /French düˈʃɛs/ (Show IPA). French Furniture. 1. a daybed having a rounded, partially enclosed head and usually a […]

  • Duchess-of-malfi

    [mal-fee] /ˈmæl fi/ noun 1. a tragedy (1614?) by John Webster.

  • Duchess-potatoes

    plural noun 1. mashed potatoes mixed with cream, eggs, butter, and seasonings, piped onto a baking sheet or platter, sprinkled with grated cheese, and browned in the oven. noun mashed potatoes, butter, egg yolks, and seasoning used as a garnish or fried in small cakes; also called duchesse potatoes , [pommes duchesse] Word Origin French […]

  • Duchy

    [duhch-ee] /ˈdʌtʃ i/ noun, plural duchies. 1. the territory ruled by a duke or duchess. /ˈdʌtʃɪ/ noun (pl) duchies 1. the territory of a duke or duchess; dukedom n. mid-14c., “territory ruled by a duke or duchess,” from Old French duché (12c.), from Medieval Latin ducatus, from Latin dux (see duke (n.)).

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