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[duhk-leg-id or, esp. British, -legd] /ˈdʌkˌlɛg ɪd or, esp. British, -ˌlɛgd/

having legs that are unusually short:
He crept up in a half-crouch that made him look duck-legged.


Read Also:

  • Duckling

    [duhk-ling] /ˈdʌk lɪŋ/ noun 1. a young . /ˈdʌklɪŋ/ noun 1. a young duck n. mid-15c., dookelynge, from duck (n.) + -ling. The ugly duckling is from Hans Christian Andersen’s tale (1843 in Danish, by 1846 in English).

  • Duck-on-a-rock

    noun 1. a children’s game in which one player stands guard over a stone on a rock while the other players attempt to knock it off by throwing another stone in turn: if the thrower is tagged by the guard while trying to recover the stone, the two players then change positions.

  • Duck out

    Leave hurriedly or secretly; evade responsibility. For example, If I can I’ll duck out of the office early, or He simply ducked out on his entire family. This slangy expression originated in the late 1800s simply as duck, out being added about 1930.

  • Duckpin

    [duhk-pin] /ˈdʌkˌpɪn/ noun 1. Bowling. a short pin of relatively large diameter, used in a game resembling tenpins, and bowled at with small balls. 2. duckpins, (used with a singular verb) the game played with such pins.

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