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[duhk-ee] /ˈdʌk i/

adjective, duckier, duckiest. Informal.
fine; excellent; wonderful.
darling; charming; cute.
[duhk-ee] /ˈdʌk i/
noun, plural duckies. British Slang.
(used as a term of endearment or familiarity) dear; sweetheart; darling; pet.
noun (pl) duckies
(Brit) darling or dear: used as a term of endearment among women, but now often used in imitation of the supposed usage of homosexual men
delightful; fine

“excellent,” slang from 1897 (often ironical),perhaps from duckie as a term of endearment (early 19c.). Probably not related to much earlier slang noun meaning “a woman’s breast” [“…whose pritty duckys I trust shortly to kysse,” Henry VIII, c.1536 letter to Anne Boleyn, who, contrary to rumor, did not have three of them].



Dear one; precious; dearie, ducks: Are you quite ready, duckie? (1819+)


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