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[doo-fuh s] /ˈdu fəs/

noun, plural dufuses.
[doo-fuh s] /ˈdu fəs/
noun, plural doofuses.
Slang. a foolish or inept person.
(informal, mainly US) a slow-witted or stupid person

an incompetent and stupid, though well-meaning, person; also called doofus

See dufus

student slang, “dolt, idiot, nerd,” by 1960s. “Dictionary of American Slang” says “probably related to doo-doo and goofus.”

see doofus.


: Many another dufus play among friends


A fool; idiot; airhead, birdbrain, boob: He’ll do his best to make you feel like a doofus/ But this is the doofus you have to deal with, so hush up/ I have to be in front of this self-important doofis with his portable phone/ I felt like such a dufus/ when some big, loud, popcorn-chuggin’ doof and his date sit in front of me

[1960s+; probably related to doo-doo and goofus]


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