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[duhl-suh-fahy] /ˈdʌl səˌfaɪ/

verb (used with object), dulcified, dulcifying.
to make more agreeable; mollify; appease.
to sweeten.
verb (transitive) -fies, -fying, -fied
(rare) to make pleasant or agreeable
a rare word for sweeten


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    [duhl-suh-mer] /ˈdʌl sə mər/ noun 1. Also called hammered dulcimer, hammer dulcimer. a trapezoidal zither with metal strings that are struck with light hammers. 2. a modern folk instrument related to the guitar and plucked with the fingers. /ˈdʌlsɪmə/ noun (music) 1. a tuned percussion instrument consisting of a set of strings of graduated length […]

  • Dulcinea

    [duhl-sin-ee-uh, duhl-suh-nee-uh] /dʌlˈsɪn i ə, ˌdʌl səˈni ə/ noun 1. a ladylove; sweetheart. /ˌdʌlsɪˈnɪə/ noun 1. a man’s sweetheart “sweetheart,” 1748, from the name of Don Quixote’s mistress in Cervantes’ romance, the name a Spanish fem. derivative of Latin dulce “sweet.”

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    [duhl-si-tawl, -tol] /ˈdʌl sɪˌtɔl, -ˌtɒl/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a water-soluble sugar alcohol, C 6 H 14 O 6 , isomeric with sorbitol, that is found in many plant species and is prepared in the laboratory by galactose reduction.

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    [duhl-see] /ˈdʌl si/ noun 1. a female given name, form of .

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