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[duhns] /dʌns/

a dull-witted, stupid, or ignorant person; dolt.
a person who is stupid or slow to learn

“dullard,” 1570s, from earlier Duns disciple “follower of John Duns Scotus” (c.1265-1308), Scottish scholar of philosophy and theology supposed to have been born at Duns in Berwickshire. By 16c., humanist reaction against medieval theology singled him out as the type of the hairsplitting scholastic. It became a general term of reproach applied to more conservative philosophical opponents by 1520s, later extended to any dull-witted student.


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  • Dunce-cap

    noun 1. a tall, cone-shaped hat formerly worn by slow or lazy students as a punishment in school. noun 1. a conical paper hat, formerly placed on the head of a dull child at school

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