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[duhn-uh m] /ˈdʌn əm/

Katherine, 1910?–2006, U.S. dancer and choreographer.


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  • Duniewassal

    [doo-nee-wos-uh l] /ˌdu niˈwɒs əl/ noun 1. a gentleman, especially a cadet of a ranking family, among the Highlanders of Scotland.

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    [doo-nahyt, duhn-ahyt] /ˈdu naɪt, ˈdʌn aɪt/ noun 1. a coarse-grained igneous rock composed almost entirely of olivine. /ˈdʌnaɪt/ noun 1. an ultrabasic igneous rock consisting mainly of olivine dunite (d’nīt’, dŭn’īt’) A coarse-grained igneous rock that consists mainly of olivine.

  • Duniwassal

    /ˈduːnɪˌwɑːsəl/ noun 1. (in Scotland) a minor nobleman

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    [duhngk] /dʌŋk/ verb (used with object) 1. to dip (a doughnut, cake, etc.) into coffee, milk, or the like, before eating. 2. to submerge in a liquid: She dunked the curtains in the dye. 3. Basketball. to attempt to thrust (a ball) through the basket using a . verb (used without object) 4. to dip […]

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