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[duhn] /dʌn/

verb (used with object), dunned, dunning.
to make repeated and insistent demands upon, especially for the payment of a debt.
a person, especially a creditor, who duns another.
a demand for payment, especially a written one.
verb duns, dunning, dunned
(transitive) to press or importune (a debtor) for the payment of a debt
a person, esp a hired agent, who importunes another for the payment of a debt
a demand for payment, esp one in writing
a brownish-grey colour
a horse of this colour

adjective dunner, dunnest
of a dun colour
dark and gloomy

“to insist on payment of debt,” 1620s, perhaps related to dunnen “to sound, resound, make a din” (c.1200, dialectal variant of din), or shortened from dunkirk (c.1600) “privateer,” a private vessel licensed to attack enemy ships during wartime, from Dunkirk, French port from which they sailed. The oldest theory traces it to a Joe Dun, supposedly a London bailiff famous for catching defaulters. Related: Dunned; dunning. As a noun from 1620s.

Old English dunn “dingy brown, dark-colored,” perhaps from Celtic (cf. Old Irish donn “dark;” Gaelic donn “brown, dark;” Welsh dwnn “brownish”), from PIE *donnos, *dusnos “dark.”


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