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[doo r-ing, dyoo r-] /ˈdʊər ɪŋ, ˈdyʊər-/

throughout the duration, continuance, or existence of:
He lived in Florida during the winter.
at some time or point in the course of:
They departed during the night.
[doo r, dyoo r] /dʊər, dyʊər/
verb (used with or without object), dured, during. Archaic.
concurrently with (some other activity): kindly don’t sleep during my lectures!
within the limit of (a period of time): during the day

late 14c., durand, present participle of obsolete verb duren “to last, endure” (mid-13c.), from Old French durer, from Latin durare “endure” (see endure). During the day really is “while the day endures,” and the usage is a transference into English of a Latin ablative absolute (cf. durante bello “during (literally ‘enduring’) the war”).


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