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a ruffle attached to the inside hem of a full-length petticoat or skirt to protect the bottom edge of the garment against dirt and wear, popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
a wide ruffle encircling the bottom perimeter of a bed and reaching to the floor, used decoratively or as protection against dust.


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  • Dustsheet

    /ˈdʌstˌʃiːt/ noun 1. (Brit) a large cloth or sheet used for covering furniture to protect it from dust Also called dust cover

  • Dust-shot

    noun 1. the smallest size of shot for use in a shotgun. noun 1. the smallest size of shot for a shotgun

  • Dust someone off

    verb phrase To pitch a ball at or close to the batter; brushback (1920s+ Baseball)

  • Dust something off

    verb phrase (also dust the cobwebs off) To use or reuse something old; reclaim something: Why don’t we dust off a few of the good ideas our parents had?/ Hey, let’s dust the cobwebs off the Declaration of Independence and take it seriously (1940s+)

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