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[duhst-uhp] /ˈdʌstˌʌp/

a quarrel; argument; row.

“fight,” 1897, from dust + up; perhaps from dust “confusion, disturbance” (1590s). To dust (someone’s) coat was ironical for “to beat (someone) soundly” (1680s).


A quarrel or fight; altercation; scrap: a big dustup in the office of a vice-president (1897+)


Read Also:

  • Dust-up

    noun 1. a quarrel, fight, or argument verb 2. (transitive, adverb) to attack or assault (someone)

  • Dust-well

    noun 1. a hollow in the surface of a glacier, formed by the melting action of dust or soil deposits.

  • Dust-whirl

    noun 1. .

  • Dusty butt

    noun phrase A person of short stature; shorty (1940s+)

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