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[doo-tee-free, dyoo-] /ˈdu tiˈfri, ˈdyu-/

adjective, adverb
free of customs duty or tax on imported or exported goods:
duty-free cargo; merchandise shipped duty-free.
pertaining to or selling goods for import or export free of the usual customs duty:
a duty-free shop at the airport.
adjective, adverb
with exemption from customs or excise duties
goods sold in a duty-free shop


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  • Duty-free shop

    noun 1. a shop, esp one at an airport or on board a ship, that sells perfume, tobacco, etc, at duty-free prices

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    noun 1. an officer (in the armed forces, police, etc) on duty at a particular time

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    [doo-uhm-ver, dyoo-] /duˈʌm vər, dyu-/ noun, plural duumvirs, duumviri [doo-uhm-vuh-rahy] /duˈʌm vəˌraɪ/ (Show IPA). Roman History. 1. one of two officers or magistrates jointly exercising the same public function. /djuːˈʌmvə/ noun (pl) -virs, -viri (-vɪˌriː) 1. (Roman history) one of two coequal magistrates or officers 2. either of two men who exercise a joint authority

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