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an optical disk that can store a very large amount of digital data, as text, music, or images.
digital versatile or digital video disk: an optical disk used to store audio, video, or computer data, esp feature films for home viewing

1995, initialism from Digital Video Disc, later changed to Digital Versatile Disc.

Earlier this year, electronics giant Toshiba positioned the first DVD players available in the U.S. as a home entertainment unit (retail price $600). [“Black Enterprise” magazine, June 1997]

A compact disk designed to store large amounts of data, especially high-resolution audio-visual material.

An abbreviation for digital versatile disc or digital video disc. A DVD is a high-capacity disc storage system. It is often preferred to move videotapes for its superior sound and video quality.

Digital Versatile Disc
digital versatile disc
digital videodisc


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  • Dvd-a

    abbreviation 1. DVD-Audio

  • Dvd-r

    Digital Versatile Disc digital versatile disk-recordable

  • Dvd-ram

    Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory digital versatile disk-random-access memory

  • Dvd-rw

    digital versatile disk-read-write

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