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[ahn-taw-nyeen] /ˈɑn tɔ nyin/ (Show IPA), 1841–1904, Czech composer.
Historical Examples

He and my husband were playing and singing dvorak’s ‘Spectre’s Bride,’ a work which he had studied with the composer himself.
The Best Psychic Stories Various

dvorak is a Bohemian, and most of his works are Slavonic in color.
How Music Developed W. J. Henderson

I will here quote a few more passages from dvorak, who, in dealing with the individual arts, does not lose sight of the whole.
The Evolution of Love Emil Lucka

Tschaikowsky and dvorak have also written Slavic music, rather sad, suggestive of folk songs and full of power.
The Complete Club Book for Women Caroline French Benton

Perhaps the most splendid of them was dvorak’s “Stabat Mater.”
A Short History of English Music Ernest Ford

Perhaps the most notable quality of Dr. dvorak’s personality is his naiveté, which shows well in his music.
A Popular History of the Art of Music W. S. B. Mathews

dvorak has written a considerable quantity of chamber music, but no final criticism can yet be passed upon it.
How Music Developed W. J. Henderson

dvorak who was a Bohemian wrote much music distinctly and fascinatingly characteristic of his native land.
The Pianolist Gustav Kobb

The history of dvorak Park may serve to indicate the nature of some of these problems.
New Homes for Old Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge

dvorak calls this complete change the most important in the history of painting since antiquity.
The Evolution of Love Emil Lucka

Antonín (ˈantɔnjiːn), known as Anton Dvořák. 1841–1904, Czech composer, much of whose work reflects the influence of folk music. His best-known work is the Symphony No. 9 From the New World (1893)
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