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Dandy-Walker Syndrome Network


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  • Dwt

    1. ; deadweight tons. 2. ; pennyweights. 1. driving while texting: often used as an official police abbreviation. 1. ; deadweight tons. 1. ; deadweight tons. abbreviation 1. deadweight tonnage 2. (obsolete) Also dwt. pennyweight noun driving while texting; driving a car while reading or sending text messages Examples Isn’t there a law against DWT? […]

  • Dwy

    [dwahy] /dwaɪ/ noun, Newfoundland. 1. a gust or flurry of rain or snow.

  • Dx

    1. . Radio. 1. distance (used especially to designate difficult shortwave reception). 1. dilation and extraction. symbol 1. long distance 2. (of a radio station) indicating that it is far away diagnosis distance dilation and extraction

  • Dx4

    Intel DX4

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