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a combining form meaning “power,” used in the formation of compound words:
variant of :
combining form
indicating power: dynamoelectric, dynamite

dynamo- pref.
Force; energy: dynamogenesis.


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  • Dynameter

    [dahy-nam-i-ter] /daɪˈnæm ɪ tər/ noun, Optics. 1. an instrument for determining the magnifying power of telescopes. /daɪˈnæmɪtə/ noun 1. an instrument for determining the magnifying power of telescopes

  • Dynamic adaptive routing

    Automatic rerouting of traffic based on analysis of current network conditions. This does not include routing decisions based on predefined information. (1995-01-30)

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    architecture (DAT) Conversion of a virtual address into a physical address, as performed by a memory management unit and an operating system which supports virtual memory. (1995-01-30)

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    [dahy-nam-ik] /daɪˈnæm ɪk/ adjective, Also, dynamical 1. pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic: the dynamic president of the firm. 2. Physics. 3. pertaining to the science of dynamics. 4. of or relating to the range of volume of musical sound. 5. Computers. (of data storage, processing, or […]

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