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Dynamic data linking

Dynamic Data Exchange


Read Also:

  • Dynamic dbms

    dynamic database management system

  • Dynamic drive overlay

    storage, software (DDO) Software to allow a system BIOS that does not support Logical Block Addressing to access drives larger than 528 MB. The alternatives are to update the system BIOS or install an EIDE controller card with a suitable on-board BIOS. Seagate (http://seagate.com/support/disc/drivers/discfile.shtml). (2001-03-18)

  • Dynamic equilibrium

    noun a state of balance achieved by two forces in motion; also, a state of apparent repose between two reactions going in opposite directions at equal speed dynamic equilibrium dy·nam·ic equilibrium (dī-nām’ĭk) n. See equilibrium.

  • Dynamic execution

    processor A combination of techniques – multiple branch prediction, data flow analysis and speculative execution. Intel implemented Dynamic Execution in the P6 after analysing the execution of billions of lines of code. (1995-05-05)

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