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[dahy-nuh-mahyt] /ˈdaɪ nəˌmaɪt/

a high explosive, originally consisting of nitroglycerin mixed with an absorbent substance, now with ammonium nitrate usually replacing the nitroglycerin.
any person or thing having a spectacular effect.
verb (used with object), dynamited, dynamiting.
to blow up, shatter, or destroy with dynamite:
Saboteurs dynamited the dam.
to mine or charge with dynamite.
Informal. creating a spectacular or optimum effect; great; topnotch:
a dynamite idea; a dynamite crew.
an explosive consisting of nitroglycerine or ammonium nitrate mixed with kieselguhr, sawdust, or wood pulp
(informal) a spectacular or potentially dangerous person or thing
(transitive) to mine or blow up with dynamite

1867, from Swedish dynamit, coined 1867 by its inventor, Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), from Greek dynamis “power” (see dynamic (adj.)) + -ite (2). Figurative sense of “something potentially dangerous” is from 1922. Positive sense of “dynamic and excellent” by mid-1960s, perhaps originally Black English.

1881, from dynamite (n.). Related: Dynamited; dynamiting.
A powerful explosive used in blasting and mining. It typically consists of nitroglycerin and a nitrate (especially sodium nitrate or ammonium nitrate), combined with an absorbent material that makes it safer to handle.


(also dyno-mite) Excellent; superior; super: ”Dynamite. I knew we’d get along/ DYN-OMITE! The Blammo 12-gauge has a precision-cast hollow-core slug with stabilization tail fins for accuracy at long range



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