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dysmyotonia dys·my·o·to·ni·a (dĭs’mī-ə-tō’nē-ə)
Abnormal muscular tonicity.


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  • Dysodontiasis

    dysodontiasis dys·o·don·ti·a·sis (dĭs’ō-dŏn-tī’ə-sĭs) n. A difficulty or irregularity in the eruption of teeth.

  • Dyson

    /ˈdaɪsən/ noun 1. Sir James. born 1947, British businessman and industrial designer; inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner (1979–93)

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    dysontogenesis dys·on·to·gen·e·sis (dĭs-ŏn’tō-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) n. Defective development as a result of abnormal cell and tissue growth and differentiation. dys·on’to·ge·net’ic (-jə-nět’ĭk) adj.

  • Dysorexia

    dysorexia dys·o·rex·i·a (dĭs’ə-rěk’sē-ə) n. A diminished, disordered, or unnatural appetite.

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