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noun (pl) dzos, dzo
a variant spelling of zo


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  • Dziggetai

    [jig-i-tahy] /ˈdʒɪg ɪˌtaɪ/ noun 1. . /ˈdʒɪɡɪˌtaɪ/ noun 1. a variant of chigetai

  • Dzongka

    /ˈzɒŋkə/ noun 1. the official language of Bhutan: a dialect of Tibetan

  • Dzongkha

    noun a dialect of Tibet, the official language of the kingdom of Bhutan

  • Dzungaria

    [dzoo ng-gair-ee-uh, zoo ng-] /dzʊŋˈgɛər i ə, zʊŋ-/ noun 1. a region in N Sinkiang, China: a Mongol kingdom during the 11th to 14th centuries. /dzʊŋˈɡɛərɪə; zʊŋ-/ noun 1. another name for Junggar Pendi

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