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plural noun
medicinal drops for use in the ears.


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  • Eardrum

    [eer-druhm] /ˈɪərˌdrʌm/ noun, Anatomy, Zoology. 1. a membrane in the canal between the and the ; tympanic membrane. /ˈɪəˌdrʌm/ noun 1. the nontechnical name for tympanic membrane n. 1640s, from ear (n.1) + drum (n.). eardrum ear·drum (ēr’drŭm’) n. The thin, semitransparent, oval-shaped membrane that separates the middle ear from the external ear. Also called […]

  • Eared

    [eerd] /ɪərd/ adjective 1. having or earlike appendages. [eer] /ɪər/ noun 1. the part of a cereal plant, as corn, wheat, etc., that contains the flowers and hence the fruit, grains, or kernels. verb (used without object) 2. to form or put forth ears. [eer] /ɪər/ verb (used with object), British Dialect. 1. to plow; […]

  • Eared-seal

    noun 1. any seal of the family Otariidae, comprising the sea lions and fur seals, having external ears and flexible hind flippers that are used when moving about on land: the front flippers are used in swimming. noun 1. any seal of the pinniped family Otariidae, typically having visible earflaps and conspicuous hind limbs that […]

  • Earflap

    [eer-flap] /ˈɪərˌflæp/ noun 1. either of a pair of attached to a cap, for covering the in cold weather. /ˈɪəˌflæp/ noun 1. Also called earlap. either of two pieces of fabric or fur attached to a cap, which can be let down to keep the ears warm 2. (zoology) a small flap of skin forming […]

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