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[eer-bob] /ˈɪərˌbɒb/

noun, Southern and South Midland U.S.
an earring or eardrop.


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  • Earbud

    [eer-buhd] /ˈɪərˌbʌd/ noun 1. a small earphone that fits in the ear: the best earbuds for your cell phone. /ˈɪəˌbʌd/ noun 1. a small earphone worn in the ear for use with audio devices

  • Ear canal

    ear canal n. The narrow, tubelike passage through which sound enters the ear. Also called external auditory canal.

  • Ear-candy

    noun 1. Slang. pleasant, melodic pop music. noun phrase elevator music (1980s+)

  • Eardrop

    [eer-drop] /ˈɪərˌdrɒp/ noun 1. an earring with a pendant. /ˈɪəˌdrɒp/ noun 1. a pendant earring eardrop ear·drop (ēr’drŏp’) n. eardrops Liquid medicine administered into the ear.

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