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[ur-thuh n] /ˈɜr θən/

composed of .
adjective (prenominal)
made of baked clay: an earthen pot
made of earth

early 13c., “made of earth;” see earth + -en (2). Not attested in Old English (where eorðen meant “of or in the earth”). Cognate of Old High German irdin, Gothic airþeins. Meaning “made of clay” is attested from late 14c.


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  • Earthenware

    [ur-thuh n-wair] /ˈɜr θənˌwɛər/ noun 1. pottery of baked or hardened clay, especially any of the coarse, opaque varieties. 2. clay for making such pottery. /ˈɜːθənˌwɛə/ noun 1. n. 1670s, from earthen + ware.

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    [urth-god] /ˈɜrθˌgɒd/ noun 1. a god of fertility and vegetation.

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    [urth-god-is] /ˈɜrθˌgɒd ɪs/ noun 1. a goddess of fertility and vegetation.

  • Earth-grazer

    noun 1. an asteroid in an orbit that takes it close to the earth Also called near-earth asteroid

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