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[ur-thee] /ˈɜr θi/

adjective, earthier, earthiest.
of the nature of or consisting of or soil.
characteristic of :
an earthy smell.
realistic; practical.
coarse or unrefined:
an earthy sense of humor.
direct; robust; unaffected:
an earthy, generous woman.
(of a mineral) having a dull luster and rough to the touch.
Archaic. worldly; pertaining to the .
adjective earthier, earthiest
of, composed of, or characteristic of earth
robust, lusty, or uninhibited
unrefined, coarse, or crude
an archaic word for worldly (sense 1)
(electrical engineering) on the earthed side of an electrical circuit, but not necessarily with a direct current connection to earth

1550s, from earth + -y (2). Figurative sense of “coarse, unrefined” is from 1590s. Related: Earthiness.


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